LOCHEMS considers acting with a sense of social responsibility in all its activities as one of the fundamental and constant elements of its management approach as part of the value it gives to people, The policy undertakes to give all the rights of the employees resulting from the standards within the framework of the laws, to comply with the occupational health and safety rules, to be sensitive to the environment, to create a workplace where employees see open and honest communication, respect and value, in addition to creating products and services with social responsibility standards.

The Social Responsibility Policy covers the following components:

  • Legal Compliance

    All legal responsibilities concerning our company are complied with.

  • Prevention of Discrimination

    On the basis that all employees have equal rights; There will be no discrimination in terms of recruitment, compensation, access to education, promotion or dismissal or retirement based on race, religion, national origin, gender or political relations.

  • Wages

    Normal and overtime payments specified by law are applied. By accepting this level as a base, evaluations are made in terms of knowledge, skill and performance, and salary arrangements can be made to improve the living conditions of the employee.

  • Working hours

    The legal obligations in force are complied to determine the working hours and the voluntary principle in overtime.

  • Health and Safety at Work

    By raising awareness of the employees with the given occupational health and safety trainings, they contribute to the relevant practices and create awareness. Improvement activities are carried out in order to find and eliminate deficiencies through risk analyzes, and the company tries to provide a healthy working environment for all employees.

  • Child Labor

    It is complied with the legal procedures and principles regarding child and youth worker employment. There are no workers under the age of 18.

  • Prohibition of Forced Labor

    Forced and involuntary workers are not employed and volunteering is taken as a basis. All kinds of verbal, physical or psychological harassment and coercion that will wear down our employees' personality and dignity are avoided.

  • Employment Contract (Employer Contracts)

    "Employment Contract and Personnel Regulation" is prepared between the company and the person to be employed, including the conditions offered to the candidate staff in accordance with the workplace and the law. "Employment Contract and Personnel Regulations" are signed for the personnel who agree to start the job.

  • Management Systems

    Social compliance, occupational health and safety, environmental management activities are regulated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and the workplace code of customers is respected. It is essential to establish a system that is sensitive to anti-bribery and anti-corruption, fair competition, open to innovations, constantly setting new targets, working conditions, improving and sustaining them in line with customer and company interests.